Tall Squares Preview 3 Songs Off Upcoming Album “So Heavy For So Long”

Tall Squares for a while consisted of only two members, and at that point it was really good music.  But now over the last year or so they have played around with some additional members and also put some hard work into their album “So Heavey For So Long” which will be available soon, and in doing this stuff over the last year or so has really rounded out their sound well.  The three song preview throws you back into the 90’s when bands were just bands and they played what they want without sticking to any trends.  It’s completely obvious this band does what they want without any hesitation and with that they have really carved out a unique sound within the Louisville Music Scene.  Proud to see these guys getting their album out to the fans soon.  Check out Badger On, Modern Boy, and Beer Hall Divers at their Bandcamp page at the link below.  Honestly at this point Beer Hall Divers really stands out to me as a great song!  Head on over and give the songs a listen, link is provided below.



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