Diverbird Surfaces Again Amongst Louisville’s Growing Music Scene

Diverbird formed more than a few years ago but as of late they have taken a break from the Louisville music scene.  Well things have changed and the band has decided to get back to the grind, which is an awesome thing to happen since Louisville’s music scene is growing bigger and bigger each day and night.  This band caught the attention of a lot of people in the area for their unique sound very reminiscent of Radiohead’s rock side of their catalogue. To some they’re just a rock band, but to many they are an emotional outlet of great musical landscapes.  Catching the band live is a must since the 3 piece is made up of talented musicians on every instrument which leads to a very interesting performance.  For now lets bounce back a couple years and re-visit a song written and recorded by them titled “Sparks”….  Make sure to support this great group of artists, they deserve it!



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