Derby City By The Tunesmiths


It’s a rare thing nowadays to get an album as good as Derby City by The Tunesmiths.  When I listen to this album I really get a vibe consistent with something that would include Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin alongside Jack White from the White Stripes era.  The music is just so up and down with the dynamics and that makes it such a fun album to put on and let play all the way through.  The guitar tone is so amazing and heavy in the right kind of way, and the rhythm section is pretty much perfect in terms of what a real drummer and bass player combination should do.  Then there’s the vocals, you could say so much about them.  Daniel Jackson puts a lot of energy into his vocal sound.  The lyrics are pretty awesome as well in terms of lyric content that goes so good with the area in and around Louisville, Ky.  Every song on the album is pretty good, but for me I love how the song Led Red kind of acts like a beautiful intro that flows right into Jammin In The Ville.  The only problem I can find is that I’m left wanting to hear whats next from this band, so hopefully they will be heading into the studio again soon for a follow up album to Derby City.  People of Louisville and the surrounding area should feel really proud that these guys are from here and are really showcasing what this area is all about musically.  Standout moments on the album for me personally would be the backup vocals on Buttermilk, followed by the song called Sex Tape, and then as I mentioned before Led Red and how it leads into the thunderous song called Jammin In The Ville.  Hopefully we will get something new from the band soon, and when they do record a new album we’ll definitely be supporting it and putting it out there for people to hear on the site so definitely keep checking in on Re-Earth for more updates regarding The Tunesmiths.


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