Cannastock 2014

It’s that time of year again, Cannastock 2014 is upon us!  The Cannabis Awareness Festival is being held August 1-3 at Loves Branch in Democrat, Ky.  It’s a free admission event with free onsite camping available as well.  You must be at least 18 years of age to attend.


Gates will open at 9:00 am Friday Aug 1st 2014.

Outdoor stage:
9:30 am Phill Bell
10:30am Jimbodro
11:30am Jakob D
12:30pm Double Vision
1:30pm Terra Trance
2:30pm DJ Chocolate Thunder
3:30pm Trauma Kidd
4:20 pm Dub Love Raggae Band
5:05 pm Trauma Kidd
5:35 pm Ricky Morse
6:20 pm DJ Mac
6:50 pm Restless String Band
7:35 pm DJ Mac
8:05 pm Tom Hagley
9:50 pm 3XLTOGA
10:20 pm The Prowl
11:05 pm 3XLTOGA
11:35 pm Strange Tang

On the indoor barn stage pre party
2: 00 pm DJ lost
3:00 pm Twinkyy

On the indoor barn stage after party

12:15 am Get Dangerous
1:15 am Shawn Tye
2:15 am DJ 420
3:15 am Cody Gitsum

Program info for Saturday Aug 2nd

Outdoor Stage
11:00 am Super WILL
12:00 pm Wandalize Colon & The Machine
12;45 pm Staticburn & Lori Stizler
1:15pm Miscellanous
2:00 pm Staticburn & Lori Stizler
2:30 pm Atomic Thrill Ride
3:15 pm Blaska
3:45 pm Stage Break
4:30 pm Blaska
5:00 pm Billy Jack Purnell
5:45 pm C Mount
6:15 pm Devon Rosenblatt
7:00 pm C Mount
7:30 pm The Lust
8:15 pm DJ Smallz
8:45 pm Chief GreenBud
9:30 pm DJ Smallz
10:00 pm KROSJOINT
10:45 pm Steve Daulton
11:15 Whiskey Riders
12:00 am Steve Daulton
12:30 am Kung FU Grip

Saturday Inside Barn Pre Party
2:30 pm Arian Landers
3:30 pm Rascall E. Rabbit

Saturday Night Inside Barn Stage After Party
1:15 am Lumpsum
2:15 am Cincinnati’s Own DJ Diamond
3:15 am Cory Night

Program info for Sunday Aug 3rd

Outdoor Stage

12:00 pm Max Powers
12:45 pm Kenny Chenault
1:15 pm Rebel Hollow
2:00 pm Kenny Chenault
2:30 pm Old Soul Envy
3:15 pm FITZ
3:45 pm Grass Monkey
4:30 pm Brian Tedder
5:00 pm Hank Smith
5:45 pm Brian Tedder
6:15 pm Rust-N-Bones
7:30 pm America’s Most Wicked

Indoor After party 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm
2014 Cannastock Jam Band (Band Members YTD)




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