New Bravado!


Lately I’ve been really getting into the band New Bravado out of Louisville.  A four-piece band that carries themselves as if there were double that many musicians in the band.  They do such a great job at filling out a huge wall of great sound.  It’s not heavy rock music by any means, but just emtionally played music with some great structures to the song so it comes across very well.  They are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands to kick back and zone out to as of right now.  If you’ve never heard them then check out their show from Zazoo’s earlier this year at the link below.  And also if you don’t have any plans for Friday evening then you should stop by Modern Cult Records and see the band live with a few other awesome bands from the area.


One thought on “New Bravado!

  1. New Bravado plays the Gubbey Records Head Cleaner double cassette compilation release show at Modern Cult Records. 3 of the 46 bands from the compilation will be playing:
    1pm Andy Matter & Ten Wet Dollars (featuring a 3/4 of New Bravado)
    2pm Adventure
    3pm New Bravado
    A show both Friday and Saturday nights as well at New Vintage to support this release.

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